Welcome to Atlantis Headwear

At Atlantis we specialize in creating top-quality headwear with passion, care, and mindfulness of our responsibility to the world and the people around us.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts is committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We use only the finest materials to ensure our products are of the highest quality, and our commitment to sustainability ensures that we are doing our part for the environment.

  • Who are ATLANTIS

    We are headwear makers with passion since 1995. Our love for caps and hats runs deep: it gets our heads young, it inspires our minds, it frees our souls. It is at the very core of who we are.

    About Us 
  • The Sustainable Revolution

    Being sustainable for us is not an abstract concept, but a daily behaviour.

    Since 2018, we committed to making our collection fully sustainable by 2025.

    Our Path to Sustainability 
  • Creating with Responsibility

    Each Atlantis product has its own story. Atlantis wishes to share this story, providing full transparency and awareness of our supply chain.

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