Welcome to the Bosco dei Racconti

the story behind our project

Master Italia (Atlantis Caps) has a private forest at the Casa dei Racconti guesthouse, about 8km from the company headquarters.

So we asked ourselves, what can we do with this natural heritage?

The forest includes almost 600 plants which, from planting to today, we have discovered have absorbed about 182 tons of CO₂!

It seems like a simple project but it involved the work of us and a dedicated team, entrusted to Divisione Energia Srl, a studio specialized in energy and environmental projects. Together we have worked to survey and georeference all the trees in the area, draw up a technical report that illustrates the CO₂ absorbed by each plant, develop a digital thematic map, and create rigid illustrative panels to be placed inside the forest.

Trees are the ambassadors of our brand, they are our environmental commitment, and we will keep taking care of them.


    divided into three areas

  • 567 TREES

    belonging to 50 different species

  • 6 TONS OF CO₂

    absorbed every year and equivalent to the emissions of 3 CARS


All the trees in our forest have been geolocated and registered to allow you to discover the various species, history, and impacts of each tree.

What are you waiting for? Go browse!

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