Our Sustainability Manifesto

Since 1995 we have had a mission: to provide customers with high-quality
headwear. We create hats for every type of business, mixing colours, shapes,
and finishings while featuring our all-Italian attention to style.

For us, the hat is not just an accessory, but an extension of an individual’s
personality which can be cherished with memories over time.
Wearing our hats is also a way to send a message and tell a story. That is why
we dedicate passion and care to the accurate manufacturing of our products.

Over the years, that devotion has transformed into something more –
commitment to increasingly responsible production that respects
the planet and people.

Following a sentiment that was already coursing through our company and
observing the effects of climate change, we realised that we had to question
how we did things in order to do them differently. Among the first in the
merchandising industry, we decided not to stand idly by but rather to give
signal toward change in production and communication.

Our journey began in 2018 – by introducing the first Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® certified models, more eco-friendly dyeing processes and traceability
passports for our products – and continued with the design of an overall
strategy anchored to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This led to
our introduction of new eco-friendly materials and the release of our first
Sustainability Report.

Today, we continue to deepen and consolidate our strategy by working
on three crucial pillars: product and supply chain, environment, people.

By 2025 we want to go bigger, making our collections 100% sustainable while
investing in research and development to reduce our environmental impact,
taking care of our employees and supporting local communities.

We are people who think about people and for us, being sustainable is not
just a business occasion, but a daily behaviour. It is not just a responsibility.
It’s a revolution. It’s the natural evolution that every company must go through.

Sustainable (r)evolution is on our minds. Wear it on your head!